Only the Objectivists have an answer to all our problems, and it's wrong.

-- Hans Huettel

Fascism in a pinstripe suit.

Anarcho-capitalism with a pseudo-religious agenda.

If you believe in Objectivism, your ideology is based on:
  • Believing that everybody with a functioning mind will agree with you.
  • Believing that anybody who doesn't agree with you must consequently not have a functioning mind.
  • Believing that some people are inherently better than others.
  • Believing that these people are allowed to rule and "create" with no restrictions whatsoever.
  • Believing that some people are inherently worse than others.
  • Believing that the best thing those can do other than idly sitting around is being serfs to the better people.
  • Believing that everything that has not been created by humans is free for unlimited consumption by everyone.
Needless to say that this plain sucks.