"I discovered another very strange wonder. The star of Saturn is not a single star, but is a composite of three, which almost touch each other, never change or move relative to each other, and are arranged in a row along the zodiac, the middle one being three times larger than the lateral ones, and they are situated in this form: oOo."

--Galileo, writing of his discovery of what we now know to be the Rings of Saturn

In the year AD 1610...

These people were born in 1610:

These people died in 1610:

  • French king Henry IV, stabbed to death by a Catholic fanatic.
  • Italian Jesuit priest and early European traveler to China Matteo Ricci.
  • Pretender to the Russian throne False Dmitri II, shot in the head at point blank range by a member of his personal guard.
  • Japanese painter Hasegawa Tohaku.

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