This is the arena that the Battlebots competition takes place in. It is constantly evolving, with the addition and/or upgrading of its hazards, which are weapons positioned throughout the box to keep the bots moving and on their toes. In the season currently being shown on television, Season 3, the hazards are as follows:

Spikestrip: Almost the entire wall of the arena is lined with armor-piercing 6 inch long spikes. Any bot that gets slammed into these stands a good chance of getting impaled and stuck.

Screws: A new innovation this season, the screws replace some sections of the spikestrip. The aren't especially effective, but they do look cool.

Hellraisers: Ramps that can lift and lower in the center of the arena. These are primarily to revent 10 secnd battles involving one bot rushing across the arena and killing the other before the fight can really even start.

Killsaws: Massive fire rescue blades backed by 5 horsepower electric motors. These can raise and lower through slots in the floor. Probably the most effective hazard, these can launch lighter bots across the box, and make large gashes in the underbelly of larger bots.

Pulverisers: Large stainless steel hammers in all four corners of the box, these are nearly as effective as the Killsaws in terminating bots. They are especially eddective against smaller bots, smashing them into metal pancakes.

Spinners: Spinning disks in the arena, they are flush with the floor and designed to simply disorient any driver who drives their bot over one. They are easy to avoid with a little bit of driving skill.

Pistons: The other new hazard this season, the pistons are large cylinders that rise out of the floor, to flip, lift, or launch robots. Like the Pulverisers, the are especially effective against smaller bots, which are less stable then their larger counterparts.

Safety: One of the primary design concerns with the box is safety of the drivers and the audience. Its floor is made out of 1/8" hardened steel plate - though this will be upgraded for next season, as several bots this season were capable of putting holes all the way through the floor. It is covered with traction-grip paint, as plain steel is not the best surface for good traction. The arena walls are made of transparent Lexan bulletproof plastic, between 1/4" thick at the top and 1" thick at the bottom. This too will probably be upgraded, as it was nearly pierced several times, and one flying part managed to get partway through.