Excellent keyboards made by IBM to resemble selectic typewriter keyboards. The "clicky" sound was caused by a buckling spring. The IBM keyboard technology was eventually bought by Unicomp, who still makes the clicky keyboards. The web store http address is


IBM made a clicky keyboard without a numeric keypad to save desk real estate. It has part number 1391472. Don't buy the short keyboard at the url above, it's got weird key placements at the lower left. I think you can find the short keyboard at


But these things show up periodically on ebay too. Try there first, as you may get one for $5. The last one I bought cost more for the shipping. If you are concerned about wear, don't be -- they're practically indestructible.

Another product that was influenced by the IBM M series keyboards is the Linux Cool Keyboard. Not as heavy, but reportedly a similar feel.