Multiplayer, multi-event sports game for the Commodore 64 in the tradition of Summer Games, World Games and California Games.

Quoted from the manual: "Be proud. Today you stand among the elite few whose courage and stamina will be tested by these Winter Games. Listen. A fanfare of trumpets sounds as the WINTER GAMES flag is slowly raised. Thousands of white doves are released, symbolically to fly to the countries of the world with the message of peace -- and the news that the Winter Games have begun. This is it -- your chance to go for the Gold!

Events include Ski Jump, Bobsled, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skating, Hot Dog Aerials, Speed Skating and Biathlon.

Less repetitive than Summer Games and good for a night with up to eight friends, pizza and Coca Cola. Not a definitive classic like California Games, but the Biathlon alone can still draw a small crowd (in Norway, at least).

Producer: Action Graphics. Published by Epyx, 1985