Eyelids heavy, and filled with a night of giggles and laughter, I have noders on my floor. Templeton lays childlike an innocent between safety orange been bags and a scooby doo blanket. Illumina made a bed from orange and blue throw pillows and a fuzzy blue blanket while drunkenmonkey lays passed out on the carpet with flower petals about his knees and an old kitty pillow my mother made. Not too long ago proj2501 left teary eyed to find his way back to Rhode Island. We didn't know he was allergic.

Maybe two miles to the north randir lies cuddled in his bed, while I think of my friends with dogs curled beside me.

Poorly planned, and badly executed, we somehow managed to gather with time spared for good pizza before a night of dancing. drunkenmonkey did his little chimpanze wiggle, proj2501 bounced to the rhythm with occassional bursts of a techno, thrashy, post Devo dance. The boy is not afraid to have fun on the floor. Illumina came and went from the room, but with him I could be sexual and close without fear. randir, moved through his many styles, while templeton made sensual circles to her own internal song. It was beautiful to watch the way she swayed but a groping male, encountered along the way, left a blot upon the picture.

I have no idea what my dance looked like, untrained and inelegant, but as the night progressed I thought more and more of a girl four hundred miles away and danced my dance for her. Eyes closed, facing the tower of speakers, pulsing airwaves shook my skirt, and I imagined her hands upon me. I danced for her and lifted my head with fangs bared when the thoughts pushed deep within me.

Eventually they tired and stepped into the sitting room. The club would close soon anyway. We piled into drunkenmonkey's car with me curled up like a lover across Illumina's lap and chest. My head tucked beneath his chin, I enjoyed the sensation of being close to someone again. I love you Illumina. You will always be my friend.

Back to my place for fluids and pizza, templeton found herself too tired to bother with another smoke. Not too sleep deprived, we sat and laughed at tales of rabbits, imbedded tree limbs, and other assorted goodness. They're asleep now but I can hear the foam beads shifting as templeton moved. I'll sleep now. I had a good day.