I was looking at a friends recent aquisition. A trained woodchuck. I came with a device that looked like a bear trap only where the jaws would have hinged there was a one foot long chain linking them.

He was telling me of all the interesting things the woodchuck could do with wood. How it could process logs, wood chips, branches and do assorted things with them. I was curious as to what it could do with the wood chips as they were already chipped and couldn't get much smaller.

The bear trap thing was the tool that the woodchuck came with. It could use it in a variety of ways to help in the processing of wood. The chains could be used as saws, and I assume the teeth were for gripping or maybe sawing too.

We started walking and the woodchuck ran beside us on the left near an oak tree until it ran off and we chased after it. I found myself standing next to the wall of a house and almost tripped over a large black thing poking out of the ground. It was about 2 feet high and I suddenly realized it was a large spidergoing up the wall. The bottom half of it's abdomen was below ground level and it started moving up and out of the earth. It was black and shiny and shaped very much like a stereotypical plastic spider toy.

My memory lapses here but there but I eventually found myself inside the building and the spider was now huuuuge. It was at least 15 feet high as it hung on the side of a large wooden thing similar to a water wheel. There were other people in the room, a cult of spider worshipers. I never looked at them though... I just stared at the spider. I was standing right next to it and there was somethign I was supposed to do to it, or for it. Maybe I was a sacrifice. I don't know, I just remember not liking the idea.