Sometimes I wonder if "normal" people can grasp what it is to be a person of touches. I wonder if they can understand that without the touch of my friends and lovers I feel lost and at sea. Words and emotions of my friends are not enough. Seeing you sitting in my living room is not enough. I need to touch and be touched by the ones I care about.

I need to feel you. It is not a matter of want or desire. I need this physical connection. It is a food for my body and soul. Without it I can feel myself shrinking away and pulling in. Do you have any idea how hard I have to work to not nibble, and nuzzle, and bite my friends? I don't touch you because I want to fuck you. I touch you to feed and to share. That is what being a person of touches is all about: feeding and sharing. It is about love, and friendship, and comfort, and warmth.

I think herbman said it well, "there goes masukomi expanding to fill all available space and touch as many people at the same time as she can."