A tactile child is one that likes to learn things by touching, by doing. She likes the feel of things in her fingers, against her skin. She likes to hold hands. She likes to be hugged. She needs touch. Such a child will be lost without it, so don't deny it to her. Tactile children tend to be more sensitive than others. Touch is very important to her.

A tactile child will do better going down for a nap or down to bed at night with something soft and cuddly to hold on to, like a blanket or a favorite stuffed animal. It's soothing to rub her hands over the surface. Such a child also tends to prefer the touch and read books that have the various textures in them. So consider one of those as a bedtime type story. (Do let her touch!) Also such a child will be calmed with soothing strokes to her back or her hair.

If you pay attention to your child, you will know what she needs. Tactile children need touch.

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