Fresher's Week begins. As the folks at the QMU put it, a week of debauchery.

Well, after an afternoon of double vodka and cokes, tom spewed in the GUU beer bar. About an hour later, we sent him home in a taxi to the halls of residence. About the, the other guys i was with decided to go to another bar in order to get some free beer, but so did everyone else, and i didn't manage to actually get anywhere near the bar for another few hours.

I was sticking around for the traffic light/popcorn party at ten.. everyone wears a badge, green for hop on baby, yellow for i see you baby (shakin' that ass) or red for don't call me baby. They occasionally fired popcorn over the room, all the while playing loud music. (my ears are still ringing).

i thought that wearing green looked too desperate, and yellow got me nowhere, so i tried both as a kind of i like you but i'm too shy gesture. it didn't work either.



But I'll have other chances, i guess..

I was asked at registration if I was any relation to Alastair - they'd seen my name next to mine on the list, and we have a somewhat unusual surname. And I'd completely forgotten about the fact that my cousin also started uni today. Didn't see him anywhere, though..