Induction day at uni. Nothing special. Had lunch with a few law students, who were pretty cool (although I'm unlikely to ever see them again). I'm beginning to suspect that Rhona1 isn't being obsessed with that guy she's always with, but merely a bitch. Time will tell.

Things wrapped up at about 3, so I went to the GU to sign up there, and bumped into Yvonne, who actually bought me a drink in the Beer Bar (I met her a week and a half ago, and this was the first time I've seen her buy liquid refreshment with her own money). At 4, we decided that none of our friends were going to turn up, so headed home. She took the bus, I took the subway. At Buchanan Street, Dave hopped on the train.

Hey, Dave, wanna go see Toploader tonight?
yeah, when are they on?
7pm at the Barrowlands.
Sure, why not?

call Virgin Megastore. Sold out.
call Barrowlands box office. Sold out.
call Way Ahead box office. They have two tickets. I buy 'em to pick up later.

we head into town. Eat in Burger King in Central Station. Get a taxi to the venue. End up there half an hour before the doors open. Lots of hanging around.

Support band (Straw) great, main band (Toploader) excellent. Encore performance, Achilles Heel rocks. Woohoo.

1 - Rhona being one of the three people in my course who I have previously met.