Lucky me, I matriculated today. Unfortunatley, the engineering students with surnames between A and L had to be in the right place at 9.15am. This required actually getting up, something I'm not quite used to at all.

Dad drove me down to the underground station, but due to traffic this saved me just a couple of minutes. I went via town, and the train was sardine-like. I guess this is the norm for so early in the morning.

I turned up at Bute Hall on time-ish, and things seemed to be going swimmingly until the guy from the registry pointed out that the only course I'd been entered for was the Certificate of Basic IT Competency. D'oh. I had to go and track down my adviser of studies, and I don't think he was particularly amused at being disturbed for such a task at this point on a Monday morning. ("what a fucking mess", quoth he.) After a couple of calls, and a visit from his assistant, he worked out that he (or perhaps the registry had omitted to put down the rest of my course codes. In a split-second decision, I picked a business course over languages (I think). And then it was back through the labrynth that is the James Watt building, and back to matriculate. Easy. My photo id isn't too cheesy, just a little squashed.

And I now know four people on my course.. Geoff and Euan from my school, Rhona from the Engineering Education Scheme thingie I took part in, and the girl who I met on the way out of the building. I didn't catch her first name, but I do know that her surname is Dunn and she's from Lenzie. Doubtless I'll see her on induction day, on Wednesday along with the others. But at least I'm not a stranger yet. We walked down to the underground station, and i chatted to her there and on the train too. I managed to make myself a friend at uni, yay.. :)

But I have a cold. This sucks. I'm told it's a 24 hour thing. But I think I'll stay home tonight, and perhaps stop into work tomorrow - they now have ADSL.

so,whoopie, I'm now officially a student at the University of Glasgow