6am starts aren't nice. I'd heard stories of people having queued from 11pm the night before in order to get tickets for the Daft Friday Ball, and I was chancing things by planning to turn up shortly after tickets went on sale at 7.

But somewhat bizarrely, there was very little of a queue. I'm not sure where everyone was, but I only had to wait a wee bit over an hour to get served. And few people arrived behind me, too. The people who had been there since 3am were really really kicking themselves. Although they were fairly merry due to a constant stream of alcohol, and I had an interesting conversation with one chap who was trying to teach me how to tell him to piss off and get to the end of the line. (He already had his ticket, though).

and |'m still loaded with the cold, I think I'll be going to bed at 10 again tonight..