Here's a handy lesson for everyone:
If you have a big-ass project which is supposed to take a month and a half to complete, don't leave it until the last minute.

My weekend was not fun. Most of it was spent in my room, at the drawing board, churning out sketch after sketch. Not looking too shabby, really. On my wall, I had a big list of things to do, and nothing was ticked off it as being completed until just before midnight on Sunday. The project was due at 10am on Monday.

I worked and worked through the night, and realised shortly before 6am that there was very little chance I'd be able to stay awake all day - the presentation could have been anywhere between 10am and 5pm. So I got an hours' sleep, not that it helped much.

The presentation went bad. Somewhere along the line, I messed up my priorities totally and my presentation sheets looked shoddy, probably the worst in the class. After my turn in front of half the class, I felt like shit. Dropping out of the class seemed like a very viable option. I'd rather not go into it, really.

Not much else of interest went on that day - other than eleven or so hours' sleep.

Summer hits Glasgow. We have four lectures to go to, but have lunch in the park, playing frisbee. It's a shame to have to go back indoors for Mechanics, really. I did make up for it by walking home from town too, and "caught the sun" - ie, my face has gone a lovely shade of pink.

For the first time in ages, I had a night out - Spy Bar then Trash (a trendy bar and a club). Nothing notable other than feeling a little iffy after trying to down a pint of Stella and failing miserably, spending the night trying to avoid my sister and friends who ended up in the same place, and being hit on the head by a bottle which someone nudged off a shelf above me. (it didn't smash, just bounced off and left me wondering what the hell just happened).

With just one lecture to go in for, uni hardly seemed worth it today. But it was another fantastic day, and a pretty fun one too.

After maths, it was back to the park to play with some frisbees again - and Nick's Aerobie. It was going well until it got stuck in a tree, and couldn't be reached by climbing - so he tried hanging on a branch to pull it down, and pulled off the branch. Oops.

Also, with two other frisbees flying around, I didn't notice the one heading straight for my head - it's left a bit of a dent.

It looks like there's a good chance of me getting a radio-related job this summer, too. More word on that later.