In Germany, MTV2 is once again an entirely different kettle of fish. It started on May 1, 2001, and plays only one type of music - pop.

Different hours are given over to different types of pop, for example "Hits of the Century", "Relax", "Dance Hits", and love songs in "Kiss Me". There's also a daily request show, "Wishlist", where viewers vote on their favourite songs on the channel's website, There are no presenters, just back to back music with the occasional commercial break, and the playlist consists of whatever's in the charts and whoever's being talked about - much of it is US artists, but there are some German acts too.

The caption which identifies videos is at the start and end of each song, and is often accompanied by the band's website address - or a .de fan site.

The channel is occasionally used for other things - for example, the recent Destiny's Child concert, live from Hyde Park in London. In this case, the feed (in English) from MTV UK was used.

MTV2 Pop can be found in on the Astra 1C satellite (unencrypted and analogue), on the former frequency of MTV UK, which has since moved to digital satellite. It's also available on many German cable systems, in place of VH-1.