A song by The Darkness, released September 22, 2003 through Must Destroy Music/ Atlantic Records and made a debut at number 2 in the UK charts. The video sees the band on their (now semi-famous) spaceship being attacked by a giant tentacle monster. I won't bother with the lyrics but needless to say this is a classic Darkness romp with Queen-style solos and fantastic sing-along chorus.

Some interesting (however perhaps a little pointless) facts about the video. At one point Justin Hawkins points to his brother, Dan with a big sausage. This is actually a reference to the original video that was made which featured a supermarket and someone's house but was later scrapped, aparently the sausage was the only piece of the set which survived. The video also features the biggest Marshall stack ever in a music video of about 150 units (according to Dan). Needless to say, it looks big, very big.

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