The three dimensional unwilling screaming result of one or more passionate sexual encounters between a human male and female. The result of which was pregnancy and birth. Producing the love child who may be either doted upon or adopted out or sold as a surrogate child depending on the circumstances.

This lovely-sweet drink tastes a bit like Cream Soda and is named for the imaginary progeny of Vanilla Ice and Ginger Spice.

1 part Stoli Vanil vodka (other Vanilla Vodkas will do)
1 part Ginger Ale
Ice (preferably crushed)
1 Cherry or Orange Slice

drop ice into a tall cocktail glass
add Stoli Vanil Vodka and Ginger Ale
Stir (Remember to do it up and down, not around and around)
Garnish with Cherry or Orange Slice.
(I prefer using orange, because it is not as sweet and tends to lend flavor to the drink throughout, rather than giving the drinker a quick burst of sugary-red sweetness.)


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