We have heard ecstacy, or MDMA, referred to as a designer drug in the media and there are misconceptions on what this actually means.

Some people take it, no pun intended, that this is akin to Calvin Klein jeans being designer, that it is somewhat better than other drugs because it has a sense of being cool, hip, in, what have you.


Designer drugs are compounds that usually are derived from other compounds which are different enough from the precursor compound to be named differently yet still shares enough similarity for it to give the user the same, if not better, effect. Why go through the trouble? The DEA. If a compound is not yet classified, then it is not yet scheduled. Meaning it has no legal status, it is not illegal. If the drug is any good or any fun at all then you bet your tab that pretty soon it will be illegal but for the mean time it is not. You see this war on drugs is unwinnable.

Besides, drugs are cool.