It's all a matter of experience. Being forced to grow up too soon, enduring painful times, all of it promotes development of maturity. Male or female, whatever the race, maturity is relative. Obviously if one is sheltered in life, they will be less mature if they haven't seen the true nature of it. So I firmly believe that maturity is not something that is primarily in males or females, thus not a valid judgement in relation to the equality of men and women.

Loyalty. I've seen loyalty in men and woman, and lack of it as well. I've seen men cheat on women, I've seen women cheat on men. I've seen men ditch their friends for a woman, and women ditch theirs for men. Every one of my close friends has stood by me through thick and thin, that's what true friendship is about - loyalty. Friendship is not a determining factor in relation to the equality of men and women. I have male friends and female friends and they really aren't that different in how they treat our friendships. I don't think one sex is better then the other in regards to friendship.

Humor can be found in men and women, it may be different, but amusement is amusement. Some people are more serious then others, there is nothing wrong with that. Some are more sarcastic then others, big deal. Some have wit, and some are cheesy, some are sexist and some are dry.

Everything is relative in comparing men and women. There are no set boundaries, as much as people wish to judge things as such.

Balance. Balance the self, relate to the opposite sex, instead of constantly finding differences. You might learn something about your self.