Boys Lie
Boys Are Like Toilets: Either Engaged, Unavailable, or Full of Crap
Boys Are Like Dogs: They Have To Be Trained
Boys Are Like Bank Accounts: Without Too Much Money, They Don't Generate Much Interest
I Like Boys, Every Girl Should Own One
A popular shirt among teenage girls in the turbulent, post-1990s period that we live in. Manufactured by one of the infinite anonymous T-shirt consortiums that churn out shirts such as "Don't annoy the crazy person", "0 to Bitch in 10 seconds", "My IQ test came back negative", and other affirmations of modern life that seem slightly funny the first time one sees them. Of course, after thirty or forty viewings, the shirts lose their luster to the point where you can't stand them anymore.

However, the "Boys Are ..." shirt raises a few more issues, particularly gender equality. If a male high school student wore a shirt emblazoned with the slogan "Girls Are Like Dogs: Keep 'Em On A Leash", he'd be sent home within five minutes; most likely, they'd be suspended as a kicker. They'd be called misogynists and deplored by three-quarters of females everywhere.

Naturally, everybody loves the "Boys..." shirt. It's all the attitude of Avril Lavigne or some similar pseudo-rebellious figure combined with the universal appeal of the shirt. Splitting the message between both sides makes this shirt oh-so-appealing in its delightful wit and taste. Needless to say, nobody has ever, or will ever, been in any sort of trouble for wearing it. Men: the last oppressed gender.

Accordingly, a protest is circling among high school students favoring a mass printing of "Girls ..." shirts, to be worn in protest across the nation. Contact magicmanzach or your local NOW to join up! (Hypothetically!)

Footnote: Needless to say, magicmanzach does not think that women should be compared to dogs either. That reeks of sexism and shold be unilaterally avoided. Void where prohibited.

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