I don't believe it. This is my first daylog and it's full of complains. Am I really that kind of people ?

Ill or not ill, that's the question

Just had a day off. Such a day you better forget. A day which had no reason to exist. A disaster.

It ended just like it started : with a headache. Like thousands of hammers just knocking all day long on my cute, little head. Some moments they beat harder for a few seconds, some moments they seem to disappear... but... forget it, they didn't.

And top of the bill (not "the" bill of course) I read my email at this end of this stupid day. Big mistake. Normally, B. is on vacation wright now. Yes... he didn't even returned and it started already... it 's really unbelievable. Some people.... (by saying this I nod my head, which hurts... aaahhh)

To be short : he complained about me, just for the about thirtiest time :(