my first night of noding and all i can think about is will they like me will they enjoy my writing will i get voted up and i don't know but i want them to like me appreciate me but my roommate is being annoying and i really feel like driving out into the desert for the evening and watching the milky way but i'll stay here and node for a while the phone is off the hook and maybe my roommate will leave and let me have some peace so i can think so i can node so i can write and find some comfort in this mass conglomerate of writers thinkers learners experts coders doers and then i'll feel better but if they ignore me i don't know what i'll do i guess i'll take the chevelle out for a drive and let my mind wander in the dust and watch the stars as they come out and smoke cigarettes and drink some jack and feel better and if they never see me again i wonder what they'll do i don't know but at least i have me and that's all i really need.