what would amaze me most about the show (and i'm really talking about the BBC version, i can't speak for the one produced in the USA) was the blinding speed at which contestants, Clive, and sometimes especially the musical accompanist would produce ideas and responses. Opera, hoedown, and props are my favorite games:

  • opera: all four contestants produce an opera that includes three or four topics and a situation from the audience. somehow the accompanist and the contestants perform some handshake about which way to jump tone speed; perhaps the form is just predictable enough...
  • hoedown: each of the contestants must produce a "verse" of a "western hoedown" song about a topic from the audience.
  • props: Clive passes out some interesting objects for contestants to improvise uses for.

the speed factor puts this show next to the simpsons in my mind, but that it is unrehearsed makes it even more eery.