Progressive Beverage

What is Rev?

An alcoholic beverage with a kick.
Rev's ingredients are:

It's 7% alcohol by volume (one bottle is 330ml)and comes in two flavours/colours: Original Rev is Blue and Rev2 is Green.

The difference? Rev2 is "alternate taste, alternate colour."

The Taste?

Some people think Rev tastes like mouthwash. I personally find the taste fruity with an alcoholic aftertaste.

Who buys Rev?

Rev's marketing is geared towards the Rave generation and can be found at most clubs.
You can also buy it at most liquor stores in 4 packs.
Rev is currenly only available in Canada.

The scandal?

Ads started to appear in washrooms warning atheletes that Rev contains ephedrine, which has similar effect to amphetamine. This claim was unfounded, although Rev does contain copious ammounts of caffeine.
It is on the Canadian Interuniversity Sport's banned substance list. Drinking Rev could cause an athelete to test positive in a drug test for caffeine. One may notice that two of the above ingredients, contain caffeine, which basically makes the ingredients caffeine and Vodka.

For those curious: A urinary concentration greater than 12 micrograms/ml is required to produce a positive test.

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