For general information, Blockbuster is no longer allowed to use the term late fee as it can be considered harrasment. All employees are required to refer to fees garnered due to laxness in returning as Extended Viewing Fees, or EVFs. They are also not allowed to let people into the bathrooms because bathrooms are the one place where there ae no cameras. Unless someone is caught on tape stealing they can't be prosecuted. This makes it so that if someone goes into a bathroom with 10 tapes and comes out with only a bulging jacket, Blockbuster can't do a thing about it.

Also as a side note, if one does not pay their EVFs after an extended period of time they are sent a note. The bad thing about this system is that the letters are sent from the corporate headquartersin Dallas, Texas. This is bad becuase one can pay their EVFs and then get sent a note a week later from Blockbuster demanding money.

There is also a problem with people putting items into the drop box that just do not belong there. for example, I have had to clean up a half of a peanutbutter and fudge pie from the drop box. Whip cream on movie covers makes for a sticky mess. We have also had a dead fish, several joints and my favorite, a lit cigarette. Luckily the only thing that burned was the drop box itself.