The tactic, practiced by major national retail chains such as Blockbustervideo and Starbucks coffee of drawing on their vast corporate resources to descend upon an area and open up enough stores to saturate the market, even to the point where there are so many locations that individual ones aren't even profitable, in order to drive out any competing operations, especially independent 'mom and pop' scale ones. Then once the competition is driven into bankruptcy by the inability to draw sufficient business, the chains have obtained near monopoly status and they begin closing locations to make the operation as a whole obscenely profitable.

The community suffers by losing its local businesses, and is now faced with monopolies in the video and coffee markets, and of course a bunch of vacant storefronts where the redundant chain locations were closed. But hey, it's all fair in a 'free market.'

Block busting is a real-estate tactic of misrepresenting a change in a given neighborhood. Illegal in most states in the U.S., it is the practice of:

  1. Representing that a change has occurred or may occur in the composition (with respect to race, religion, disability, familial status, national origin, etc.) of the owners or occupants in the block, neighborhood, or area in which the property is located;
  2. Representing that this change will or may result in the lowering of property values, an increase in crime or antisocial behavior, or a decline in the quality of schools in the block, neighborhood, or area in which the property is located; or
  3. Inducing or attempting to induce any person to sell or rent any dwelling by representations regarding the entry or prospective entry into the neighborhood of a person or persons of a particular race, religion, disability, familial status, or national origin.

Block busting is illegal if the real estate agent, real estate agency, or financial institution engaging in the practice stands to profit from the subsequent flurry of sales. After laws that enforced segregation were dropped, one black family moving into a white neighborhood could result in massive profit for a real estate agency. Today, though racial discrimination is illegal, racists still exist, and block busting laws rightly prevent profitting from racism. Even if discrimination is eliminated, the crime aspect of block busting may still exist for hundreds of years. Block busting is a form of deception.


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