I just got dumped again. Exactly a week after I predicted it, a week and 3 days after the most promising kiss in how long? I’m so fucking sick of this. I swear you godawful fucks off for the rest of my life?

(Go ahead, vote me down, fuck you too, and I deserve it.)

Why is a stupid fuck like me who’s always so fucking in love and so happy with fucking love so fucking destined to be a fucking spinster? Why do I keep saying fuck? FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Fuck you S. and fuck you M. and fuck you C. and fuck you fucking asshole fucking B. and fuck you C. #2. Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you Fuck you and your little dog too. Fuck you, fuck you and fuck me. Fuck you last five fucks to kiss me and to want something else or someone else or nothing else or not me.

(I know I know I know, I’m not even mad at you, and I’ll tell you that when I see you. Fuck you. I’m mad at this and that this happened again. I thought I was smarter this time. I’m just mad. I’m not mad at you. I knew. I knew long before it ever began that nothing would ever work. Hello spinster-dom. I will enjoy you very much.)

(It is so dark out I can see the lights of the pseudo-city from my sad back porch, choking on a cigarette that I don’t need that tastes like ass that lets me be somewhere, doing nothing the way I want to be. I find a bright one, a white one glowing and wonder if it is burning. I trace the stars and I want to go to sleep.)

I have nothing to say. I know your answer already. I knew it. I knew it I knew it you fuck.