A haunting. Ghosts are over-running the place.

That cute curly-haired freshman is getting into his car to go home to regroup before returning to the battle at hand, trying to rid our place of menacing spirits. I am beside the car when I see a motion in the air that feels like something I can't see is passing through. Only the something is two feet tall. I see his passenger side car door open a few inches and close, and believe that the presence has entered his car. He thinks I'm crazy. The door opens and closes again, but only a crack, as if the spirit had gotten his seat belt caught in the door. Now I'm sure it's in his car, and I try to convince him of this. He still doesn't believe, even when the windows start opening and closing themselves, and the windshield wipers start of their own accord. He proposes that maybe it's him that's causing all this to happen, and he leans back to concentrate on making the windshield wipers work, and they stop. I remember all the myths of ghosts that they can't act on the human world if a human is concentrating intently on the object they're working on, and cite this as more proof that the ghost is in the car. He starts crying and admits the ghost is there. I tell him I'm coming with him and get in the car and kiss him and we drive off.