Every time I see you, I need to think of 300,000 ways not to tell you I love you. This short list will never do.

Because every time my mouth begins to open, ‘I love you’ is on it. ‘I love you’ is in it. ‘I love you’ is almost escaping out into the air, and I need to find some other way to tell you about the weather, a sentence that does not end like this. ‘I hear it might rain,’ not you’re beautiful, I want you, take me home, no one’s ever listened to me like this before, how does your hair frame your face in such a mind-numbingly beautiful way? and what dream did you rise on to know my soul the way you do?

How does the silence creep up around us so full?

25 ways not to tell someone that you're in love with them. Every word that I’ve uttered, every time I haven’t moved into your space was another way. Another way not to drive you away.

How do I not tell you I’ve never seen poetry in anyone’s eyes but yours?

(I love double meanings.)