My door was taken away, and my brother got this as a writing punishment after bothering my parents about it:

1. He's nice
2. He has red hair (not true...)
3. He needs privacy
4. He has lived out the 3 day punishment
5. Smart people need doors
6. Computer people need doors
7. I'm tired of looking at him
8. I'm tired of hearing him
9. The X in front of his room is ugly
10. His name is AJ (not true...)
11. He is a Tosh annd all Toshs have doors
12. His music is too loud without it
13. School will be starting soon and everyone should have a quiet place to work
14. He needs to read slashdot in private
15. He needs to read everything2 in private
16. He needs to watch TV in private
17. Andrew has a room, rooms need doors
18. I am watching The Simpsons
19. He is smart
20. He is kind
21. He is generous
22. He likes his privacy
23. He likes his door
24. He likes his mom
25. He likes his dad
26. He has contacts
27. He has to type code in private
28. He is my brother
29. He is your son
30. He does what he is told, most of the time
31. He is happy
32. He has a computer

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