Windows 2000 has a new feature where it detects whether a UTP cable is plugged in, and if it isn't, it disables the adaptor, rejecting outgoing packets instantly, rather than waiting for them to time out. This has the annoying drawback that yo can no longer access the local machine by its external interface, as apache will redirect clients to do. (For example, you can access the machine on, but not

There is no way (that I know) to force win2k to enable the interface in software. However, if you have a plug, a crimp tool, and two wires, the following 'placebo network cable' will create a cross-over connection between the machine and itself, making it think there is a network present, and enable the interface1.

|                        |
|- 1 -----\              |
|- 2 -----+-\    ______  |    
|- 3 -----/ |   |        |
|- 4        |   |  Clip  |
|- 5        |   |        |
|- 6 -------/   |______  |    
|- 7                     |
|- 8                     |
The connections are 1-3, 2-6. The wires can be as short as half an inch (ideally you don't want them poking out the end of the plug. These plugs will also activate the link and full duplex lights on a hub/switch.2

1 - I could have done with one of these last month... 'you simply click here, and ... D'oh! It worked back at the flat...'
2 - A hub might not be able to cope with every packet it sends being immediately bounced back...