The introverted thinker was in Kindergarten. She and her father and her younger sister went to the pound to get a cat.

They didn't have many cats at the pound. The cats were not satisfactory. They looked at the other animals.

Dogs. They did not want a dog. But there was this dog. He tilted his head and laughed at them with his tongue hanging out. He brought a ball to the front of the kennel cage jail thing and dropped it and laughed.

They threw the ball for a while. He was a total charmer.

The Pound guy came out. "He's about nine months. His name is Bing. The family couldn't handle him. He can lie down and sit." Bing did, grinning.

"He's half miniature German Shepherd and half Norwegian Elk Hound."

The IT and her father and her sister went home. Her mother wanted to know where the cat was.

"There weren't any cats that we wanted. The cats have been sick. But there was this dog... named Bing."

"A dog? We don't want a dog. Dogs are too much trouble." said her mother.

The IT and her sister and her father moped.

The mother said, "Ok, ok, let's go look."

Bing grinned at the IT's mother. He was charming. He was wicked. He laughed.

The family took Bing home. And Bing was just as wicked as his grin......