Ich bin zurüüüück!

Yes, I have once again fallen into the honeypot-like, hubris-ridden trap of believing that I am fit to judge the works of my fellow noder. Worse, still, The Man has made the same mistake. Nothing but trouble can come of this...

In my previous logs, I have discussed topics such as:

Nose to the grindstone:

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    Owners of edited WUs get a /msg informing them of the edit. Very minor stuff isn't listed here - this is for more extensive edits. Also, if I thought a WU was good enough to merit the effort involved in an extensive edit, it probably is worth a visit - so this list is a good guide to miscellaneous interesting WUs.
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    The following are writeups I've nuked. Comments in quote marks are actual excerpts from the Klaproth messages I have sent - but they are not the whole story. I always sign my Klaproth messages, and I generally try to follow up on them, elaborating my reasoning. If you feel slighted, let me know - and we'll talk about it.
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    As is my self-imposed rule, I shall try to restrict myself to 3 ed-cools a month
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