Maybe this should be in the daylog but the day's not over yet so it's going here!

Today was the planned meeting of e2 minds at a pub in central London - 4pm ETA at The Intrepid Fox on Wardour Street, Soho.

I was planning to go along with chums and fellow noders the gazelle and fryinglizard. The two of them were waxing lyrical about how much they wanted to go, mind you, this was at midnight last night after they had consumed copious amounts of daquiri, cocktails and beer.

Come this morning/afternoon they appeared to be uncontactable (I have since discovered the poor gazelle was moaning in a darkened room until 5pm with 'a bit of a head').

'Nevermind' I thought, and made the 20 minute subway ride to Leicester square on a gloriously sunny Saturday afternoon and cruised up to the Fox.

It was here that I began to lose the plot, "What will they think of me?", "how will I recognise anyone?" are just a couple of the thoughts racing through my mind as I entered the pub in question.

As I entered, dripping with sweat and shaking like a leaf, without the back-up of my friends and with no idea who to look out for I suddenly became all too aware of my surroundings. The pub was very dark, very goth/punk and very loud. Not that I have anything against such things in particular it's just that I already felt intimidated enough and didn't really feel too comfortable surrounded by gaggles of fierce looking punks eyeing me up as if to say' "What the FUCK are you doing in here?".

Now, forgive me for being an absolute chickenshit here but I didn't really feel that confident about approaching any of these guys and asking, "Excuse me, do you enjoy to node on the same geek website as me?".

I didn't think I would come out looking like the handsome lioncub who entered.

I'm embarrased to say that I simply turned tail and shot off down Wardour street in a daze of fear mixed with shame.

To all of you who turned up, I can only apologise for my actions and hope to meet you at a later date.