Right now: eating the chocolate chip cookie to end all chocolate chip cookies and listening to Club Nouveau's Lean on Me.

Spent the day working and doing crappy chores. I have a fun crafty project for this weekend (room decorating time!), but I'll have to wait till tomorrow to get everything I need. My sister came down from Pennsylvania tonight; she's going to Florida tomorrow with my dad. We spent the evening swapping girl stories, stuffing our faces with lasagna, and reading dirty jokes; all in all, probably the "doing nothing" evening that I needed. It's odd to think that she's really 30 now-- it makes me wonder what the hell I'll be doing at that age, which is just a scary thought.

Odd, but I can't stop thinking about the blue-eyed guy today. I don't need a relationship, and neither does he, but... he's taken up residency in the corners of my mind nonetheless. Well, regardless, I'll try and play it safe this time. We don't need any more drama than there already is.

Too many muscle relaxers + too little sleep= a very foggy head.