I've been in a weird mood this week...

I guess it's all about the self-contemplation; finding the real from the fake in an odd sort of way. I really do feel like I'm about to truly go into a better period in my life though... new car, new school (hopefully), new major... even a new someone that I'm actually a little interested in, and finally not scared off from after the first date or so.

For probably the first time in my life, I am enjoying being single. But suddenly, it hit me today... yeah, this guy really does make me giddy, and it's pretty pathetic the way I'm acting like a little schoolgirl again. Only a minor problem... he lives about an hour and a half away from me. How does it seem to happen that I always really like the ones who live far away? Oh bother. The ball is in his court now... I refuse to act desperate this time!

In other fun news, my best friend in the world is home from school, and we've had a blast the past few nights getting together and laughing about absolutely nothing. Okay, I admit, I'm highly attracted to females every now and then, but she's the only female I've ever really been in love with... this girl is something amazing.

All in all, having fun and learning some interesting things about myself... again, don't be alarmed if I disappear to some remote location for a long period of time.