Hurricane Gordon is currently sitting of the coast of northwestern Florida. The weather forcasters say that the biggest threat from Hurrican Gordon besides the coastal storm surge will be from flash floods and tornadoes. I live in south Florida, far from the center of the storm, yet yesterday a tornado touched down less that a mile away from my home. Tornado warnings are currently in effect for my county and the two counties north of mine.

The rain comes in bands. As the hurricane moves forward, bands of storms rotate counterclockwise around the eye. It's raining right now in fact. And once this storm passes in half an hour, I'll probably have about three to six hours to get home before the next one hits.

My roommate is happy about the windy and rainy weather. This means more surf for her. She came in at 7:30 this morning hooting and hollering about how huge the waves were and left in less than ten minutes with her surfboard under her arm.