Do you want to donate your body to science when you die? Well, you can either be poked and dissected by the medical field or you can donate your remains to the Anthropological Research Facility at the University of Tennesee in Knoxville.

The researchers at this body farm will lay your dead self in any number of environments, be it a muddy swamp, a grassy field, or a shady grove. Then they will let nature take its course, checking back to see how quickly and in what manner your body is decomposing.

Now, you may be thinking, "That's disgusting! I don't want people recording how I rot!" But, you will be helping to advance forensic science. Forensic scientists will be able to better determine how john or jane doe have died and when their time of death was. You will also help paleontologists determine what type of environments dinosaurs and other fossilized creatures lived (and died) in.

The Anthropological Research Facility was founded in 1972 by Dr. William M. Bass and currently holds over 235 skeletons.