Post Op review after 24 hours. Mr D. walked in the surgery. He took me hand and shook it hard. Mr D. was very happy. His family teased him on how much better he looks. He should've got it done earlier! Honestly, he looks a good few years younger.

The new dentures look great! All new upper teeth & well-aligned lower teeth. I removed them for the first time since they were placed. It was surprisingly clean. The sockets were healing well. I did not have to adjust the dentures.

Everyone was happy with the result. I am pleased we finally got it done. I double checked that he was taking his analgesics and antibiotics prescribed. Also gave him a mouthwash with 0.2% chlorhexidiene gluconate (Savacol by Colgate)to rinse with for the next 2 weeks.

To be reviewed next week.