• 1) Big ole roast
  • 2) red wine vinegar ( a splash or five)
  • 3) 1 cup + 1 smidge of Burgundy wine
  • 4) 1 can "beefy mushroom" Campbell's soup
  • 5) 1 boullion cube (red)
  • 6) 1/3 soup can o' water.
  • 7) dashes of garlic salt and garlic peper

Pre-heat oven to 375 and
Place big ole roast in pan. Splash red wine vinegar on all showing surfaces of roast. Dash with garlic, salt and pepper. Pour cup of wine over roast. Dump can of soup all over roast.
Fill empty can 1/3 full of water and pour into pan, NOT ON ROAST! Add 1 beef boullion cube to pan and cook for five to six hours.
Serve and seek substance abuse counselling as soon as you can move again