A pretty poweful basic solution. My boss dumped about 20 ml of 29$ NH4OH into our 2000-gallon waste water tank, and it raised the pH by over a point. She also nearly knocked herself out, because the fumes are so bad that they cause your body to shut down the intake to your lungs. It smells like ultra-concentrated cat piss mixed with paint, and feels like a kick in the face, even if you're standing six feet away.

Particularly nasty because it dissociates into ammonia and water. The ammonia is a very lightweight molecule (about 1/2 the molecular weight of oxygen) and diffuses very quickly through the air. This is especially problematic because the dissociation reaction is reversible, so the ammonia forms ammonium hydroxide when it reaches more water, which there happens to be plenty of in your eyes, sinuses, and lungs.

A few years back when I was an intern my supervisor broke a bottle and spilled about a gallon of concentrated ammonium hydroxide on the floor. Needless to say, the ammonia instantly filled the room and proceded to diffuse into the room next door. I was in the lab at the time, and the ammonia caused a most painful experience which it why I never wear contact lenses in the lab.

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