A device used to cut weeds and grass in all those nasty little places your lawn mower can't get to.

I have two of these pieces of equipment. One is a Poulan with a 2-cycle gasoline engine nearly impossible to start and when it does it's probably out of gas so that it only runs for 17.3 seconds. If by some chance you actually have it running for more than a minute you can count on getting several burns from accidentally touching the engine housing near the exhaust where the temperature is slightly higher than the surface of the sun.

The other is an electric cordless Toro 7-inch rechargeable model with all the cutting power of a pair of kindergarten scissors in the hands of an elderly arthritic only occasionally conscious invalid. The motor has a tendency to whine like a spoiled little brat when you try to coax it into cutting through three blades of grass at once.

The basic premise here is if we take a piece of gaudily colored fishing line and spin it around really fast it will cut down all those nasty weeds that grow around the base of trees, fenceposts, and assorted places.. It will also strip the bark off of small trees, rip your ankles and shins to shreds, and entangle itself into the most gawdawful snarls you've ever seen.

I'm firmly convinced that a wiser alternative is to napalm your lawn, buy some nice shiny green astroturf and carpet the whole damn thing. On the other hand, I just love to spend my Saturday and Sunday mornings/afternoons cursing inanimate objects.