"Garbage style wrestling" is a Japanese term for a relatively small sub-category of their professional wrestling. It is a style with few, if any, rules, aside from the standard pinfall and submission rules, and can often include weapons and strange stipulations. This is similar in style to ECW, and their ideas about extreme wrestling, but the Japanese take it to a far greater extent. While ECW is usually restricted to tables, chairs, bats, the occasional Singapore Cane or two, and some other miscellany, the Japanese go all out. This is the style and place where Cactus Jack made his name as an absolute madman, and started to gain some of the core fan following that he has enjoyed for most of his career.

There are two main wrestling companies known for this style. FMW, or Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, is the older of the two companies. W*ING is an offshoot of FMW, the division was carried off in a similar manner to the WCW/NOW split of a few years ago, with a great rivalry between the wrestlers for FMW, and those for W*ING. This was best illustrated by battles between W*ING Kanemura, of W*ING, and Mister Pogo, of FMW. These matches, due to the amount of weapons, and total brutality, got insane at their peak. Big Japan Pro Wrestling is a smaller, newer company, but they have been making their names known by doing some really insane stipulations, such as the Alligator, and the Piranha.

The weapons used in these types of federations include, but are not limited to:

There are many, many more used, with new and interesting variations being brought in all the time. Although not the easiest stuff in the world to find on video, being that none of it is done in the United States, there are many places on the Internet where you can find videos. Any of the deathmatch compilations will have something, and anything from FMW, W*ING, or Big Japan Pro Wrestling will more than likely have enough brutality to turn even the strongest of stomachs.

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