14 very short science fiction stories


"Danger. Danger," droned the robot, unaware it referred to itself.

Mike ran in, shouting, "Wait!" but once again, Mike had already pushed the button.

The world ended. I looked around, wearily. "Not again ..."

8.5 minutes later, they, too, learned the fate of their yellow star.

Every eye at the house for the deaf shot wide open as ...

They stood wordlessly over what had once been Peterson. "But he never boarded the ship .."

"But what about the landing?" "You fool, there never was a landing!"

kthejoker: hold on, someone keeps knocking on my door
kthejoker: brb

The Zurkons sighed in relief; the bomb in the golden chalzar had gone unnoticed. For the Mizzloks, the 108th Offering of the Feast would be their last.

Jimmy McAllister was mad. Where had Beebo gone ... wait a minute. "There you are! Weird, didn't you have blue fur --?"

Among his strange creations, he heard the whirring hum of circuits -- no; singing?

None of Jackson's crew saw the predator slip onboard. How could they? They only saw the moss - not the rock ...

    /          tom fry     \
   /           was here     \
  /                6/1/86    \
 /                            \
 |                            |
 |                            |
 |                            |
 |           RIP              |
 |         THOMASON           |
 |           FRYE             |
 |                            |
 |       1799 - 1847          |
 |                            |
 |                            |
 |                            |
 |                            |
 |                            |

A single tear rolled down his scarred cheek as he watched his home planet from the deck. "Fire when ready."