Armistice broken. Irregulars surround the village.

Carbon monoxide detector, battery long dead.

Too young to hitchhike. Darkened Roadway.

Rock, paper, scissors. One life jacket.

Safety recall issued after mass casualty.

Too many breaches in the shields.

Neighbor disappeared. Lye bag in fireplace.

City campers. Forked road. Bad directions.

Cable repairman. Door opens. Rabbit ears?

Three out of four doctors disagreed.

Able-bodied assassin; small Jakarta hideout.

Disregard previous wire. Target is friendly.

Three shooters. One satchel. Phone rings.

Dogs found what the deputies couldn't.

Cautiously, she removed his wedding ring.

Changing weather, bikini inappropriate, on camera.

Three men. Shortest straw. Two bullets.

Turning tricks turned Turner off chicks.

Out of gas. Desolate car found.

If only Marvin Gaye had worked.

Doomsday device: handy when police uncooperative.

Mistaken for cardinal, had a ball.

Sky diving: Russian manufacturer, Russian roulette.

Husband's indifference to abortion prompted split.

Drove to Vegas, back by train.

Brevity Quest 2015

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