A device found in childrens playgrounds. The specifications for this play structure are one long metal beam suspended horizontaly with two, three, or four wooden planks placed evenly on the bar, bolted down. On each side, metal handle-bars or holding pegs protrude to hold on to.

To operate properly, this device requires 2 persons, sitting at each end. It is reccomended that these two persons be similar in weight, however heavier individuals can compensate when operating with lighter individuals by exerting more control and slowing down while raising and lowering the teeter-totter.

If operated on only one end, this device will not likely entertain the user. In single user mode, the user can be jolted upwards by someone jamming down on the other side of the teeter-totter. This can result in serious injury.

Adult supervision is advised, these devices have been known to cause all sorts of injuries, such as broken and sprained limbs, cuts, scrapes, and concussions, or maybe even death.