Summer, that awful wonderful time in our youth when we make, break, destroy and live. That period of heat, both meteorological and biological when we explore that chasm between the genders. We experiment with self-abuse, embracing it with our indestructibility as only we can. We all plan to fall in love, we all plan to spend exciting nights that we will never remember, we all plan to live like the movies, damn the consequences, full speed ahead, depravity, debauchery the watchwords of youth. Here's to summer. To cold beer, beautiful girls, to hits from the hash pipe, to racing along the coast at 90 miles an hour in a car only a broke college student could love, to falling in love with someone whose name I will never remember, to drinking till it hurts, to hurting, to writing poetry on the beach, to making a fool out of myself, to living this strange dream, to no regrets.