I feel another conspiracy theory coming on! Are you sitting comfortably?

The illuminati are said to operate under different names in different countries; for example in Britain they are the British Institute of International Affairs, and in America they are the Council on Foreign Relations, or CFR. Their ideal is allegedly to weaken humanity through clever manipulation until they are ripe for takeover by a unified government, a new world order if you will.

They supposedly infiltrated major banks and international organisations through bribery and threat in order to gain control over the economy and the world's media, and many of the world's wars and revolutions are also attributed to them. There was allegedly a military blueprint drawn up for three world wars, two of which have been fought and the last one of which will be the final blow to soften the world to the new government.

The illuminati are said to cultivate well-educated students of exceptional mental ability and convince them of their right to rule those less gifted, ie us, the unenlightened masses. They are then placed in top positions, advising powerful and influential people to adopt policies which would further the cause of the illuminati, and use their control over the media to convince people that a unified world government is the answer to our many problems.

By provoking two sides to war with each other, and by providing arms to either side, the illuminati can observe small-minded humanity as it weakens itself through conflict, leaving a remnant which can easily be manipulated to subservience.

You have been warned!