Semi-Collectable card game published by Steve Jackson Games.
Basic concept is simple: You are one of the Illuminati, one of the secret rulers of the world. You compete in a pitched battle against the other secret masters for nothing less than complete global domination. How you do so is completely up to you.

Will you peace and love your enemies out of commission as Shangri-La? Will you beat them into bloody pulps and feast upon their whithered corpses as The Servants of Cthulu?

It's your world. Do with it what you will.

See also the Illuminati: New World Order Limited/Unlimited Checklist

INWO is potentially a very complicated card game.

This arises because although broadly turn based, players are free to interfere in other player's turns at almost any time. It has a much less rigid turn structure than other games such as Magic: The Gathering, and this allows for many strategies based on personal interaction with the other players. How well you bluff, trick and backstab other players is as important, if not more important, than the cards in your deck. This is a very fun game and it can take 3 or 4 hours for a decent 4 player game to run to completion. Make sure you are playing with good friends though, or people you'll never see again... (especially if you plan to employ the 'I lied' card. :)

My number one tip for players of this game is: be subtle - in anything but a two player game, the other players will gang together and eliminate you if you get too powerful, too quickly. It's all about self-deprecation and misdirection as you build up.

The blurb on the Factory Set sums up the game nicely:

  • Betray your friends.
  • Crush your enemies.
  • Control the world.
  • Drink some coffee.

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