I'm not a linux advocate, nor a windows advocate; even not the devil's. But I rather like UNIX-like operating systems, and Linux is (afaik) a good one. Maybe people don't want to use it in big business because they won't trust a product that doesn't come from a company they can sue. Or maybe they do not know they can get technical support as for other OS's. Or someone above them has those ideas.

Yet I believe that Linux is suitable in some situations.

Also, I do not understand the problem people have with GUIs. Sure a stand-alone unmanned computer is better off without one, but if you've got to use the computer (hey! maybe even remotely) it can be much more confortable and even productive.

tftv256: Mmmh... I said maybe they don't like that. And using Apache is different from using Linux. Apache is the track leader in the business, so it is not such a hard decision to take; besides, I would say that choosing your web server is not always as influenced by the powers that be than choosing your OS. As for FreeBSD, well, I don't know. I just said maybe...